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Sleep Services

Sleep Wake Center helps you achieve adequate and healthful sleep. A sleep technician gathers data that is later analyzed by a board certified sleep medicine physician who can recommend the proper treatment.

Our beautiful home-like sleeping suites with handicapped accessible private baths with showers are equipped with comfortable pillow-top mattresses, beautiful headboards, decorative wallpaper, side chairs, artwork and plump bath towels.

The comfortable and private rooms offer the patient the advantage of a quiet sleep study away from outside distractions. Hotel-type amenities include a breakfast, Bottled water and coffee are also provided.

The Sleep Wake Center services facility includes a sleep technician room complete with computerized and specialized testing equipment which monitors a patient’s sleep and records key sleep characteristics. Once the sleep study data is collected and recorded, a pulmonologist board certified in sleep medicine must interpret the results.

Sleep Wake Center’s laboratory provides a full range of sleep studies to diagnose any type of sleep disorder in adults, such as:

If you think you or a loved one is suffering from a sleep disorder, seek a referral from our personal physician.